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How To Hand Knit Your Chunky Blanket with Video Tutorials by Peony and Thyme

Posted by Sarah Willey on

Hand Knitting your blanket with Mama Knows Luxury Extreme Merino Yarn is really really easy, anyone can do it, promise.

In this blog post I have compiled a set of guidelines to help you figure out how to make the exact blanket that you picture in your own mind. With a little bit of trial and error and a lot of flexibility you can tailor the guidelines to create a blanket that is the right dimensions for your decor project.


The finished size of your blanket can vary greatly according to your tension and the thickness of your wool. Our "yarn" is unspun merino wool top sold by weight rather than yardage, you may receive a shorter, thicker batch or a longer, thinner batch. Your personal tension will affect blanket size significantly, generally a looser tension makes a bigger blanket. The following chart represents sizing that we generally get using an even medium tension:


You can create any style of blanket with your yarn. We do not often recommend attempting to make a full Queen or King sized blanket as they require 12-16 lb and can be extremely heavy, instead we often suggest you use 6-8lb and make a long runner for the bottom of the bed.

Photo Credit: Dans Le Lakehouse

Cast On:

You can cast on either by making a crochet chain (create a slip knot and reach your hand through, pulling up loops one at a time until you reach the desired number of loops) or by using your arm to create a long tail cast on. Cast on is covered in the videos below by Peony and Thyme.

Generally the number of cast on stitches for a rectangular blanket is:

4lb - 10 Stitches

6lb - 14 Stitches

8lb - 18 Stitches

10lb - 22 Stitches

12lb - 26 Stitches

Cast Off:

You can cast off either knit style (knit 2, knit 2 together, knit 1, knit 2 together to end) or crochet style (starting at the opposite end of the row from your working yarn end, pull the second stitch from the non working yarn end through the first stitch and continue pulling the next stitch through the stitch you just pulled through all the way to the end, cut the working end and pull tight through the last stitch). Cast off is also covered in the videos below by Peony and Thyme.

Anja from Peony and Thyme started out using our wool as a complete beginner, she worked through the process from beginning to end and has covered everything you would need to know! In her video series she has covered making the following kits:

 Debrosse Chamberlain Kit (Click Here to Buy)

Peony and Thyme Ribbed Blanket Kit (Click Here to Buy)

Debrosse Petionville Pouf Kit (Click Here to Buy)

Video Tutorials: