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Ladies Lux Slippers - Free Online Pattern using Sugarbush Chill by Cristin from Kozy Komforts

Posted by Sarah Willey on

As the cool fall air drifts in and the trees start to change from green to a rainbow of reds, oranges and yellows, the time arrives for us makers to start collectively adding extra cozy comfort to the toes and feet of our loved ones!

We are so excited to bring this pattern to you for free, with generous permission from Cristin of Kozy Komforts who designed these slippers for Mama Knows Luxury. She of course used our Sugarbush Chill Yarn (Fire Pink shown) and we love that she added her own Handmade White Wolf Faux Fur Pom Poms so much that we added them to the kit!

You can get the kit (including the Pom Poms) HERE


copyright Kozy Komforts, 2018 - Posted with permission.

Method: Crochet
Skill Level: Beginner

Supplies Needed:
8.0mm Hook
Yarn needle for weaving in ends
Stitch Marker
2 Kozy Komforts White Wolf Pom Poms

Yarn: 2-3 skeins of Sugarbush Chill (depending on size).


Ch chain
St(s) stitch(es)
Sc single crochet
Blo back loop only
Sl slip

Gauge2sc x 2sc = 1”

Pattern is written for a ladies size with instructions for making adjustments for smaller/larger sizes.
Take a measurement of the length of the foot. Construct slipper to be 1” shorter than the length. For example, if you are a women’s size 8 and your foot measurement is 9” from heel to longest toe, construct your slipper to be 8” long from heel to toe. The wool will stretch slightly so if you crochet a slipper the same length as your foot it will become too big.

Pattern Notes:
Heel | This section is worked back and forth, turning your work at the end of each row.
Instep | This section is worked in the round continuously. Do not join at the end of each round.

1.Leaving a long tail (which you will use later to sew the heel shut), Ch21, turn
2.Beginning in 2nd st from hook, sc in BLO to end of the row, turn (20)
3.In BLO, sc in each st to end of the row (20)
4.Repeat #3 until you have a total of 7 rows of sc in BLO, do NOT turn (20)
5.Now you will join to the opposite side by first sc through the first st at the beginning of the row effectively joining your work in the round as you prepare to create the instep of the slipper. Be sure to place your first sc through both loops and not the BLO as you had previously been doing. It may be a good idea to place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round as you will now be working in a continuous circular manner and will need to keep track of your rounds.
6.Work this round in sc only (through both loops) until you reach your stitch marker (20)
7.For this round and the remaining rounds until you reach the desired length for your slipper from heel to toe you will work your sc in the BLO continuously crocheting in a circular fashion until the slipper is long enough. See helpful sizing chart at the end of this pattern. Remember to keep track of how many rounds you made because you will want your second slipper to match up.
8.Once your desired length is reached, cut yarn leaving a long tail. Use the tail to sew through the 20 st on the end of the toe and then pull tight like a draw string. Secure tail to the inside of the slipper and weave in any remaining ends. See photo*


9.Flip slipper inside out. Using the long tail from your beginning ch21, use your tapestry needle to whip stitch the heel closed starting at the top. Leave the last 2-3 stitches unstitched. Flatten those stitches so it looks like an upside down letter T. Stitch remaining stitches, fasten off and weave in remaining ends.

10.Flip slipper right side out.
11.Attach faux fur pompoms using photos as a reference for placement.


Seriously though, aren't these Poms stunningly gorgeous? You can purchase them on their own for other projects HERE.

And that's it! Super simple and super quick! Be sure to tag @mamaknowsluxury and @kozykomforts on Instagram so we can see the stack you make, Happy Making Friends!