5 Reasons Giant Yarn Arm Knitting is the Perfect Beginner's Project

Woman looks at ocean beach while holding Cabbage Rose chunky yarn, arm knit blanket.

We think that arm knitting with giant yarn is the perfect beginner’s project. Here’s why!

1-Perfect intro to knitting

  • There are no needles to get in the way! Especially when you’re just getting started, needles can feel complicated and messy. What goes in front? yarn gets tangled. If you’re just working with the actual stitches and your hands, it’s so much simpler, plus you get a really clear understanding of what’s actually happening when you make a knit or a purl stitch.  When you’re just doing repetitive motions with needles, it’s kind of hard to see what’s actually happening with all that yarn. When you’re making the stitches with your hands, you see exactly what’s going on with the stitches and the yarn, and I think it helps to just understand the overall concept a bit. Plus, it’s just really easy. Even if you haven’t knitted before at all, you can totally handle this!

2-Short project times

  • I love an instant gratification project, and that is absolutely what giant yarn projects are! When one stitch is 4-5”, things work up real fast. A whole throw blanket generally takes me about two hours to knit, which is just really fun.

3-Luxury results with no prior experience 

  • Like I mentioned before, even if you have zero experience knitting, and I think even if you don’t consider yourself a very “crafty” person, you can still totally handle this! It’s a really easy, short learning curve, and you can go from zero to creating a gorgeous, luxury blanket like that. My biggest pro tip here on getting a really beautiful result is to make sure you aren’t twisting your stitches - unless you like that look, of course! I made a really short video on how to make sure your stitches aren’t twisted, I’ll link that in the description below. It’s really fast and so easy.

4-Supportive community

  • The knitting community is wonderful! (also crocheters and crafters in general) I have met some of the loveliest people online in the knit and crochet community who have become real life wonderful friends and it’s just the best! People tend to be so kind and supportive in the community and I just love it.

5-YouTube Tutorials

  • Again, this is such a great project for beginners (and also anyone who enjoys it. I’ve been knitting for years and still just love my giant yarn projects!) But it’s, again, great for beginners because there’s a lot of great info and tutorials out there! You don’t have to figure this all out from scratch on your own! 

6-Good for mental health

  • There has been some really amazing research showing that knitting is really great for your mental and even physical health! It’s been shown to help with anxiety, depression, the onset of dementia, and also helps to lower blood pressure and to help with chronic pain. Basically, it’s wonderful-haha!

Ok, so those are just a few of the reasons that I think knitting -and specifically arm knitting- is a wonderful choice. What do you think, and why do you love knitting? Comment below and let me know!

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