6 Things You Should Know BEFORE Buying Giant Yarn

Undyed cream 100% Merino wool seed stitch blanket.

What should I know before I purchase?

We want to make sure you feel confident knowing exactly what you’re getting and how to care for it so that you’re thrilled with the giant yarn you purchase! Here are the 6 most important things you should know before you click “buy!”

We source the highest-quality, 100% merino wool that we could find, and it makes an incredible difference. Merino wool is amazingly soft, temperature-regulating, and considered by many to be hypoallergenic. We love it! 


Important note: Unspun roving is a specialty yarn and we recommend this be used for luxury, art, decor pieces. 
Just like you wouldn’t take a Maserati for off road mudding, you don’t want to carelessly throw around your giant yarn blanket and then toss it in the washer or dryer.


I always say that if my arm knit blankets weren't on my sofa, I'd have them framed on the wall like the art they are.:) Treating your giant yarn projects like luxury decor is a must to keep them looking gorgeous over time. If there is one thing to remember it is that YOU are in control of the aging process.

 Click here to see a wonderful video showing expectations and examples of the aging process with this yarn.


Can I wash my 100% Merino giant yarn project?

Yes and no. Let’s start with the BIG no, which is you should never put your giant yarn project in the washing machine, unless you want to felt it.

In short, felting is a natural process that happens with authentic wool products in which friction causes the microscopic wool fibers to fuse together. Again, this only happens with authentic wool products and is a natural part of the aging process.

Also, you can felt your chunky yarn project on purpose and it looks beautiful! This gives the yarn a more finished or produced effect, both in look and function, as it further processes the wool. Felting also stops almost all pilling and shedding!

Just make sure you love the way the wool looks when felted because there's no way to un-felt once it's felted. 

Click this video for more information on felting and how to do this yourself!

So, how do I clean my blanket?

So if I can’t use the washing machine unless I’m felting my project, how do I clean my giant yarn blanket??

First, do your best to protect it in the first place. Remember these are luxury items. But we totally understand that life happens! And the good news is that 100% Merino wool is wonderfully resistant to spills. To experiment I have purposely spilled, on two separate occasions, both coffee and red wine on an undyed cream blanket! Amazingly, cold water works wonders.

COLD water is important because HOT water will accelerate the felting process, as will agitating the wool physically, so handle as gently as possible while washing. Here is the step-by-step video and a blog post on how to spot clean your blanket.

Using a gentle, no rinse wool wash like Eucalan in this process is also a great option.

And this is just the beginning. We are always experimenting with what works and what doesn’t to provide more care options for your big stitch projects! Also feel free to send questions or request further help at support@mamaknowsluxury.com.

Will my project pill?

Just like your favorite all wool sweater, your giant yarn project will eventually show some pilling and light shedding - like a soft halo.

Watch this video to see what expectations for normal pilling or shedding for these blankets looks like.

This is just the nature of fully authentic, 100% Merino wool. Just keep in mind that YOU are in full control of the aging process. Treat this wool gently and it will look amazing for years. :)

And don’t forget that purposely felting your project is another option to make it much tougher and will cut down on the pilling process! See above for more information on felting.

What about pets?

Sadly, pets and 100% Merino wool giant yarn projects do not mix very well. They make blankets difficult to clean and do speed up the aging process. We have a big, happy dog who is just the best, but I do keep him and my giant yarn projects happily separated.:)

Is giant yarn expensive?

We source the highest-quality, most luxurious, 100% Merino wool that we could find, and it makes an incredible difference. Merino wool is amazingly soft and considered by many to be hypoallergenic. We love it!

However, high-end, quality material does end up costing a little more than a lesser or synthetic option. 

But really, it also just takes a large amount of product to make a blanket this chunky! Even if you buy a low-quality yarn in this large amount, the price adds up fast. So really, when you compare pound for pound a “cheap” product against the Merino wool, the Merino wool is actually a surprisingly low price!

At Mama Knows Luxury we also do our very best to keep prices as low as possible. One way we do this is by offering free shipping in the US and a $25 flat rate to Canada. :)

Should I be intimidated? (Absolutely not!)

Most giant yarn projects are perfectly suited to complete beginners. Even if you don’t have knitting experience or consider yourself a “crafty” person, you can totally handle this! Where as a scarf or sweater may take 100 of rows,  a big stitch project may take more like 20 rows. This means the projects are easy to set up, easy to learn, and take far less time than typical knitting/crocheting projects.

Watch this video for five reasons we think arm knitting is the perfect beginner project.

We also have included written and video tutorials for all of the project kits we offer! In addition we have email support through support@mamaknowsluxury.com . 

We hope this was helpful! If you have more questions, feel free to email us at info@mamaknows luxury.com. We’re also always adding new blog posts and videos with fun, helpful info and answers to all our most frequently asked questions! Thanks for reading, and happy making!


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