Cabbage Rose chunky knit blanket on gray, mid-century modern sofa.

Why is Merino wool special?

Our Merino wool is 21.5 and 22 microns. (Roughly ⅓ the size of a human hair!) That means that each strand of the fiber in this wool is incredibly fine and soft. We think the 21.5-22 micron is the ideal size for makers. If the micron count is higher, you get the coarse wools that people find harsh or scratchy. If it goes lower, it’s so fine and delicate that it breaks too easily. We think ours is at the perfect balance where it’s incredibly soft, but also incredibly strong!

Other fun facts: Merino wool is temperature regulating, flame resistant, odor canceling, and is considered by many to be hypoallergenic!

What if I’ve never knit before? 

Should I be intimidated if I don’t have knitting or crochet experience? Absolutely not! Even if you don’t have knitting experience or consider yourself a “crafty” person, you can totally handle this! Most giant yarn projects are suited very well to absolute beginners! 

Along with the fact that it’s surprisingly easy and fun, we have extensive video tutorials to support you each step of the way! Watch this short video to hear specifically why we think knitting a giant yarn blanket is the perfect beginner project.

What if my project doesn’t come out right the first time I try it?

Giant yarn projects are often half heart and half science and most (if not all) projects typically require a couple tries to get just right! Simply take apart and try again. This is very common. Click here to find out how to completely dismantle a giant yarn project and turn it into something entirely different.

Is Merino giant yarn expensive?

We source the highest-quality, most luxurious, 100% merino wool that we could find, and it makes an incredible difference. Of course, the price does go up when it’s such a high end product. But really, it also just takes a large amount of product to make a blanket this chunky! Even if you buy a low-quality yarn in this large amount, the price adds up fast. When you compare pound for pound a “cheap” product against the Merino wool, the Merino wool is actually a surprisingly low price!

Can I put my giant yarn blanket in the washing machine?

No! Please never put your giant yarn blanket in the washing machine unless you are felting your project. To read about why you might choose to felt your blanket, read this blog post. For step-by-step instructions on how to felt your blanket, watch this video.

How do I clean my giant yarn blanket?

Ok, so I can’t throw my blanket in the washer unless I’m felting it. How do I clean my giant yarn blanket?? I recommend simple spot cleaning. I use cold water and try to work the wool as little as possible. (I also recommend using a gentle, no rinse wool wash like Eucalan if you want to get it extra clean! ) Working the wool will start the felting process. Warm and especially hot water really accelerate that process! Read this blog post or watch this video for step-by-step instructions on spot cleaning your blanket.

What if I have pets?

We love pets, but sadly, pets and 100% Merino Wool giant yarn projects don’t mix very well. Pets make these projects difficult to clean and do speed up the aging process. We have a huge, happy dog who is just the best, but do keep him and our giant yarn projects happily separated.:)

How much yarn do I need to knit a blanket?

Our most popular sizes are 6 - 8 pounds blankets. These are the perfect size for a sofa or bed. There are a few factors that affect the finished size of an arm knitted blanket, but on average these are the finished dimensions:

6 pound throw: approximately 50"x29" 

7 pound throw: approximately 50"x38"

8 pound throw: approximately 55"x45"

12 pounds for an extra large, approximately queen-sized blanket: 73"x59"


*Note, these dimensions are all for the blanket at their resting state. They all stretch/drape to a bit larger.

Why is there a price difference between the undyed cream and the dyed yarn?

Since the cream is undyed, it is less processed and we’re able to get it at a lower cost. We wanted to pass this discount right along to you!

Where do I find arm knitting patterns?

We have a large playlist of step-by-step tutorials for all our favorite giant yarn designs. We also have written patterns available for our kits.