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Extreme Yarn - Silver

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Extreme Yarn by Mama Knows Luxury

Have you seen extreme knitting and want to give it a try? Or perhaps you have already tried your hand at it and want to get even more extreme yarn. Mama Knows Luxury Extreme Yarn is the perfect yarn for your extreme knit and crochet needs.
We have Video tutorials available to help you as you learn. To view them, please CLICK HERE

• Superfine 21 Micron Merino, Approximately 4-5 cm Thick, Unspun Roving

• Weight: 1lb = 454grams (North American Measurement)

• Content 100% Pure Merino Roving

• Think of an item made with Unspun Merino Wool Roving the same way as you would your Fave Cashmere Sweater or a High End Designer Suit! Special care is required, but never fear, its not very hard at all!
• For smaller throw size blankets you can use your Front Loader washing machine. Use gentle detergent, wash alone in cold water on a gentle cycle and hang to dry. No agitation, no heat, this is very important.
• For larger blankets that are too heavy for your washer you will need to find a Dry Cleaner experienced in cleaning without extreme heat, if they clean high end suits and wool sweaters often, they will likely know what to do.
• Pilling and felting over time is a natural occurrence, part of the aging process and definitely not a defect. Enjoy the beauty of your blanket as it morphs over time into a cherished and loved fixture in your home!

• 100% Pure Merino Top, Ethically Sourced from family collective farm groups. The most luxurious version of Extreme Yarn, this wool is delicate and meant to be treated as the investment that it is.Set realistic expectations:

• There will be variations in thickness and yardage, all skeins are calculated by weight.
• We do our best to obtain but we cannot guarantee one continuous strand for your order.
• For finishing your ends I recommend purchasing one of our Felting Kits
• Your finished product will vary greatly in size based on a number of factors including type of craft, tension, gauge, split vs full thickness etc.
• All Wool Orders are Custom Ordered at the time of purchase and not returnable by us once ordered. Therefore, no returns or cancellations will be accepted.

• You will need at least 40 mm knitting needles or crochet hook or you can split your wool to half thickness to use 25 mm tools.

• All wool orders Drop Shipped direct from our warehouses in Canada and USA with the most economic options available. If you would like an upgrade I am happy to get you a quote.

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