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Extreme Crochet Starter Kit

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Have you seen extreme knitting and have wanted to give it a try? We have the perfect kit for you. In our Extreme Crochet Starter Kit, there is everything you need to get started Extreme Crochet with Big Yarn

We also have Video tutorials available to help you as you learn. To view them, please visit

This kit includes:
• 1 lb Ethically Sourced Unspun Merino Big Stitch Yarn
• Giant Crochet Hook (40mm)
• Felting kit
• Mystery Button (a large gorgeous Button of our choosing!)
• Printed Yarn Info Sheet and Finished Item Care Instructions

Personalize this kit:
• Wool is available in any colour of your choice.

About the Kit to make the Extreme Crochet Starter Kit

• Extreme Yarn - 100% Pure Merino Top, Ethically Sourced from family collective farm groups. The most luxurious version of Extreme Yarn, this wool is delicate and meant to be treated as the investment that it is. Be sure to check out our Blog Post: I've Heard Your Yarn Will Fall Apart for care instructions and for Felting Instructions which will increase the durability of your piece.

• Commercial Product Info: 21.5 microns, Staple length of 70 mm or 2.75”, Combed Top. NAFTA Tariff 5105.29 (Duty Free)

• Button locally handmade by Brickbubble in Stony Plain, AB, Canada

• Giant Knitting Needles designed by Mamaknowsluxury.Etsy.Com and locally handmade by MD Handfield Designs Inc. in Beaumont, AB, Canada

Additional Notes:
• All Wool Orders are Custom Ordered at the time of purchase and not returnable by us once ordered. Therefore, no returns or cancellations will be accepted.

• There will be variations in thickness and yardage, all skeins are calculated by weight.

• We do our best to obtain but we cannot guarantee one continuous strand for your order.

• Please note: 1 lb = 454 grams (North American Measurement)

• All orders come with Care Instructions.

• Want more Merino Big Stitch Yarn? Find our colour collection here:

• All orders shipped via Canada Post with the most economic options available. If you would like an upgrade I am happy to get you a quote.

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